The Power of Prototyping

A designathon event using Arduino to prototype wearable experiences.

Improving Team Bonding and Productivity

In the scope of less than six hours, my team and I had to learn how to use Arduino and create a wearable prototype. Our mission: design a device that improves a project team's bonding and cohesion. Our solution encouraged team members to celebrate accomplishments through positive reinforcement and social encouragement, while also boosting productivity.

Innovative Prototyping

       As we brainstormed, we built ideas off of one another, and after some dot voting, we had decided on a unique design concept. Our idea was inspired by teamwork management software like Asana, but it utilized immediate positive feedback and social encouragement to enhance the experience and satisfaction of working as a team.
       Rather than the typical wristwatch wearable, we went for something different: the fanny pack. Utilizing this unconventional wearable allowed us to generate innovative ideas that wouldn't be possible with the standard wristwatch wearable. For example, our prototype included an optional "Booty Bump" feature whereby teammates who had both finished their tasks could booty bump their fanny packs together to enter "rainbow mode", providing positive social reinforcement. Our product name? "Fanny Packs for FUNction".
        After plenty of trial and error using Arduino, we finished our working prototype with just seconds to spare before our pitch presentation. After tallying up the votes, our project won first place! 

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